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e.g. August 2010

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The microsimulation model is developed as part of the project ’Compiling pre-designing documentation for the project “Improvement of parameters of Line no. 132 along the section Bytom Bobrek – Opole Groszowice”, including upgrading of the Opole railway hub, and building the line Pyskowice Miasto – Pyskowice’.

The objective of the project is to analyse and propose some alternative solutions aimed at improving passenger and freight transport conditions at Railway Line no. 132 along the section Katowice – Gliwice – Kędzierzyn Koźle – Opole and to submit a proposal on how to reconstruct the railway connection to the centre of Pyskowice.

Source: tender materials

As part of the project, International Transport Consulting Sp. z o.o. will be responsible for developing microsimulation models using the RailSys software and for analysing the way the infrastructure is used with reference to both the current and planned transportation facilities, including:
1) Development of a microsimulation model for the existing state of infrastructure, covering sections of 31 railway lines with a total length of ca. 415 km
2) Simulation modelling of traffic on the existing railway infrastructure, bearing in mind the current and planned transportation facilities, capacity analysis, and presenting recommendations concerning the particular design solution variants
3) Development of simulation models for the 6 design variants being considered, covering approx. 164 km of railway lines, and their assessment for optimal use of the infrastructure, so as to facilitate the implementation of the planned transportation facility.

Conclusions obtained from microsimulation models within the project will permit us to identify overloaded or insufficiently used fragments of the infrastructure. This will allow us to design such intervention in the existing infrastructure that makes it possible to implement the planned train timetable, i.e. the optimal frequency of train traffic and train transit duration on the particular sections of the line.

The biggest challenge for the project is to select appropriate solutions for the Opole railway hub and to determine the routing of the railway line to the centre of Pyskowice. The proposed solution variants and their combinations are primarily assessed from the functional point of view, and they are targeted at realistically achieving project objectives to assure palpable benefits for our passengers.

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