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Due to constant digitisation concept development, more and more aspects of the designing process demand digital modelling. Modern railway infrastructure design is not only based on digital data, but it also provides a digital description of the infrastructure to facilitate its further performance and operation.

Our services in support of these activities cover, for instance:

Developing infrastructure simulation models, e.g. using RailSys or ERSA software, as part of feasibility studies or in order to obtain information on infrastructure loading, to identify bottlenecks, or as part of traffic situation analyses, e.g. concerning ERTMS/ETCS
Developing conceptual design solutions and draft solutions in the area of railway traffic control, including schematic plans and situational plans in digital format
Mapping the infrastructure using drones – in order to conduct a stocktake of its current condition, compiling maps for design purposes, facilitating identification of any inconsistencies with the line routing being designed, analysing the progress of work
Drone data based analyses and calculations, including distance and cubature calculations (e.g. embankments, land subsidence), verification of visibility triangles
Infrastructural diagnostics and database creation – support in implementing systems used to diagnose the condition of infrastructure and its wear and tear, building databases to gather and study such information, and support in decision-making processes, e.g. in the area of repair and essential upgrading works

Railway infrastructure building and operation processes, in particular using EU funding, require that railway system interoperability and safety requirements must be taken into account. Nevertheless, the myriad of constantly changing regulations and interpretations, coupled with the necessity to undergo external inspection and certification processes is a significant challenge for many entities, including:
– railway infrastructure administrators, private infrastructure administrators and underground transport system administrators
– carriers
– building contractors
– railway infrastructure designers
– Investor’s supervision processes
– manufacturers of products, solutions and systems designed for the railway market

We offer technical expertise with the wide range of experience of our experts and specialists in areas such as:

Compiling expert analyses and opinions in support of solving specific technical and legal issues concerning both the project itself and products and systems designed for the railway market
Support in writing risk assessment studies (e.g. in accordance with Regulation (EU) 402/213 – the so called CSM RA) and safety analyses, including change significance analyses, assessment of reusable materials utilisation, and risk assessment in terms of integrity of type-approval certificates
Day-to-day support in project implementation with our expert consultants submitting opinions on a regular basis, taking part in compiling draft documents and co-ordinating interoperability and safety activities
Implementing quality and safety management systems, including management system draft document preparation, conducting training programmes and audits, co-ordination of activities and assistance in obtaining approvals and required certificates, including taking integration of various aspects of quality management and railway interoperability and safety into account

On one hand, the enormous complexity of the railway sector, and on the other, the significant quantity of specific regulations and requirements constitute a significant entry barrier for many entities launching their products, systems or solutions in the railway market.

Due to our experience, expertise and extensive contacts with experts and entities in the railway market, we can offer our support in the following areas:

Identification of technical, formal and statutory requirements applicable in a given project, product, system or solution designed for use in railway lines, railway sidings or underground transport systems
Issuing opinions on or compiling draft technical documentation describing new products and solutions, e.g. operation and maintenance manuals, technical conditions of performance and acceptance
Conducting required testing and monitoring procedures, including identification of the required laboratory tests, support in determining testing scopes and programmes, co-ordination of collaboration with labs, carrying out functional tests, arrangement of field tests
support in adjusting the management system to the new type of activity, including submitting opinions taking specific railway requirements into account on procedures and documents, documentation auditing, conducting training programmes

Due to the specific nature of railway traffic control processes, it is necessary to maintain smooth co-operation between different manufacturers’ systems and products, both new and existing, which are based on different manufacturing technologies (e.g. co-operation between relay- and computer-based devices). Validation of new solution designing processes must be verified by independent experts who hold industry-specific expertise and are not involved in design and execution activities.

In this respect, we can offer our expert support through:

Compiling expert analyses and technical opinions in the area of new draft solutions and specific system or device connection solutions, including from the perspective of meeting legal requirements and regulations issued by internal infrastructure managers

As part of our drone service activities, we perform test flights using the unmanned aircraft system (UAS). In our offer, you can find comprehensive data gathering services using drones (both aerial photography and filming services), as well as follow-on data processing services. Materials obtained in this way can be used both for marketing and engineering purposes, such as assisting designers’ work.

Our products and services include:

Orthophoto maps
Altitude maps
Point clouds
3D Mesh models
Photography and video recording
Assistance in designing processes
Project promotion materials

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