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Anwil S.A


Completion deadline
e.g. August 2010

Coś jeszcze?

Anwil S.A. seated in Włocławek is one of the biggest chemical companies in Poland. Its logistics back-up facilities, which provide for raw material supply and finished product shipments to Anwil’s customers, include among other things, the company’s railway siding. Anwil’s railway siding consists of almost 100 railway line sections of a total length of approx. 25 km.

In order to increase railway siding capacity, and in connection with plans to extend railway siding track infrastructure, 3 concept variants to upgrade railway traffic control facilities have been developed for two districts.

The scope of works covered, inter alia:
1) Compiling schematic plans for the existing situation and target variant solutions, including those added to orthophoto maps obtained from drone operated test flights
2) Making arrangements with carriers and the PKP PLK S.A. infrastructure administrator
3) Adopting expansion cost estimates for the particular variants
4) Analysis of the so-called visibility triangles at three level crossings situated at the railway siding, based upon drone photos

By using a drone to acquire photos, films and numerical data from the point cloud, it was possible to shorten and improve the work, and to prepare the materials in an easy-to-use format, also for the customer’s employees who do not operate the railway siding in their daily work.

All the plans, calculations, and orthophoto maps compiled will serve as a basis for the Ordering Party to take further investment decisions.

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