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Zarząd Morski Portu Gdańsk S.A.


Completion deadline
e.g. August 2010

Coś jeszcze?

The project to rebuild the track system and extend the railway traffic control system along the railway siding at the External Port [Port Zewnętrzny] in Gdańsk is one of the largest investment projects carried out in Poland’s sea ports in recent years. The scope of the project covers, inter alia, rebuilding old and building new railway tracks with a total length of approx. 10 km. The main objective of the project is to increase the port’s accessibility, and to adjust its infrastructure standard to the needs of customers of Port of Gdansk Authority [Zarząd Morski Portu Gdańsk] S.A. The value of this Project is more than PLN 176 million.

This investment project is financed using European Union CEF (Connecting Europe) funds. Consequently, it is subject to the requirement to conduct the EC verification of its subsystems ‘Infrastructure‘ and ’Control – Command and Signalling Track-side Subsystem‘ within the scope of works.

International Transport Consulting Sp. z o. o. specialists supported the Contractor in the area of:
– Compiling appropriate EC Declarations of Conformity for interoperability components
– Obtaining EC verification certificates for ‘Infrastructure‘ and ‘Energy‘ subsystems
– Compiling EC Declarations of Conformity for the above subsystems and publishing them in the ERADIS database
– Issuing opinions concerning the influence of modifications introduced in railway traffic control [SRK] facilities being rebuilt upon the possibility to obtain final EC verification certificates
– Conducting arrangements between the parties involved, i.e. the Ordering Party, subcontractors, the design office and conformity assessment bodies, within the context of the contractor’s scope of tasks and responsibilities.

In the adoption of interoperability rules and performance of certification processes with reference to the railway siding, many ambiguities occurred that required an in-depth analysis of the technical and legal status within the context of the activities being performed. Support services provided by International Transport Consulting Sp. z o.o. made it possible to complete the works, while complying with the applicable regulations without incurring any costs for excessive activities or wrongly compiled documents.

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